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Shipping Wrappers Only

For custom candy wrappers only orders including any quantity up to 1000 full size wrappers or 2000 miniatures wrappers we offer a USPS option at a discount. If you have enough time before the event, we can ship through the US Postal service -- please select at checkout.

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Shipping Wrapped Bars

Wrapped candy bars calculate shipping based on weight and quantity. Approximately 4lbs per 36 full size bars or 150 miniatures. Standard ground shipment estimates are shown here for reference only. Actual shipping cost will be calculated at check out and include your selection on distance and level of service requested.

Quantity Price
up to 36 full size bars / 200 miniatures $14.00 approx. shipping
up to 108 full size bars / 600 miniatures $16.00 approx. shipping
up to 144 full size bars / 800 miniatures $22.00 approx. shipping
up to 180 full size bars / 1000 miniatures $29.00 approx. shipping
up to 252 full size bars / 1400 miniatures $38.00 approx. shipping

* Shipping costs shown as Estimates ONLY subject to change on orders placed

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Cooler Packaging

Cooler Packs are prepared and packaged, specifically configured to keep your order within a designated critical temperature range over a specified transit time provided by the UPS shipper. Add additional $9.00 per 180 bars or 500 miniatures. Cooler Packs provide greater thermal protection in the shipment of perishables candies. We only guarantee unmelted chocolate when shipped in Cooler Packs, and cannot ship bars without the cooler from April to October.

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Shipping in Warm Weather

Priority Mail shipments will arrive in 2-3 days, most UPS shipments will arrive in 1-3 days. During warmer months or to warm climates, please make sure they are shipped to an address where they will be received by a person and not left on a hot sunny porch. For an additional $9.00 per 180 bars, we ship your wrapped bars in cooler packing. We can only guarantee unmelted chocolate bars if they are shipped in cooler packing. Warm destinations may also require expedited shipping to assure a shorter transit time.

To avoid this additional cost in warm weather, you may choose to:

  • Order wrappers only and wrap your own candy bars
  • Order in advance, during cooler months.
  • Pick up your order if possible.
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How long will my order take?

We can RUSH production of your Event Order for an additional cost. Just tell us when you need it and we can provide you a quote! If possible, please allow one week for preparation of your order for shipment, plus shipping time. However, we will do our best to get your order out right away if you need it sooner, just let us know your deadline! If you are ordering Birth Announcements, we try to ship those the next business day. Business and custom design work, please allow 1-3 weeks, if possible, but again, let us know your needs, we can usually get your order out very quickly if needed. However, we realize that this is not always possible, and we will do our best to get your order out sooner at no additional cost, just let us know your needs! We proof every order and you will receive an email with instructions for review. Proofs are ready no longer than 2 business days, and in most cases the next business day. Please check your SPAM filter before contacting us if the wait time exceeds these guidelines.