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Your Marketing Message Custom Wrapped Around Chocolate. Sweet! Hershey Candy Bar Wrappers!

Ad Specialities featuring custom candy wrappers and unique promotional products made with rich Belgian Milk Chocolate.

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Special Events

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Product Service

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Thank You & Congratulations

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Custom Candy Wrappers are a Great Marketing Tool!

Get business prospects to remember you with candy wrapper marketing. Candy wrappers usually work best when the message is brief and to the point. This is like putting your message in a bill board but in a handy and more personal form. You're assured that your candy bar would get saved or passed on to others immediately compared to some items with logo. How can someone throw away chocolates?

Request a Custom Design

Chocolate Ad Specialities & Gifts

Sweetwrappings® has helped hundreds of businesses promote with custom candy wrappers Special Events, announce Products & Services, say Thank You to customers and employees, create new business with Sales Handouts, and celebrate Holidays. Choose from Hershey's® Milk Chocolate, Belgian Milk Chocolate, Hershey's® Miniatures, or Breathsavers® roll candy.

Submit Your Request for a Custom Designed Wrapper. We take your great ideas and transform them into professionaly full color wrappers for yournext business meeting, trade show, corporate promotion, sales blitz or celebration.

Our products are fun, unique, and versatile—cost-effective and affordable. They are a great leave behind and offer you lots of space to advertise your message.

Combine these great benefits with our excellent design service and our friendly, personalized customer service, and you've got your next personalized handout idea all wrapped up! And remember, our products offer Full Color at no additional charge!

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10 Secret Tactics of Modern Marketing

Candy wrappers may be one of the best kept secreate tactics of modern marketing. They're highly effective, low-cost, simple to use...and the work for any business. You're overlooking a profitable marketing tool if you don't use them.

Download your copy of The 10 Reasons to Market with Candy Wrappers and watch your sales soar.

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Business Advice from Mr. Wonka:

Promotional Candy Wrappers for Edible Advertising

Today, more and more companies are taking a page out of Mr. Wonka's book and using promotional candy wrappers as an advertising strategy to increase their business.

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