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Personalized Custom Candy Wrappers


Hershey®s Milk Chocolate Bar

Image of Custom Candy Wrappers
Wrapped Full Size Hershey®s Bars will feature your design wrapped around a delicious 1.55 Milk Chocolate Hershey®s Bar. The new Hershey®s tamper resistant wrapper is a shiny brown wrapping crimped at each end. They are no longer available with the silver foil, but the brown wrapping looks fine with most designs and is priced affordably.

If you prefer the look of silver foil, we now offer a rich, delicious Belgian Chocolate Bar. The same 1.5 oz size, it is a delicious Milk Chocolate. (Gold Foil available on special request, allow extra time for special order)

Belgian Milk Chocolate Bar

Image of Custom Candy Bar Wrappers

Hershey®s Miniatures

Wrapped Hershey®s Miniatures will feature your design wrapped around the variety of miniature MilkChocolate®, Krackle®, Mr. Goodbar®, (all silver foil ends) and Special Dark® (gold foil ends)

Wrappers Only

Order personalized candy wrappers only, for both full size or miniatures, and you'll receive your wrappers flat and ready to wrap around your own Milk Chocolate Hershey®s Bars or Miniatures. All you need is a glue stick and simple instructions that we send with your wrapper order. Pick up your candy bars at your local wholesale club (Sam's, BJs, Costco) for the lowest prices. You'll find the Hershey bars in boxes of 36 ct. and the miniatures will be in bags (quantity varies by store) with a mixture of Milk Chocolate®, Krackle®, Mr. Goodbar®, (all silver foil ends) and Special Dark® (gold foil ends)

Ordering custom candy bar wrappers is a great alternative to ordering wrapped bars if you are cost conscious or if warm weather is an issue; your shipping is much lower, in warm weather there is also an additional cooler packing charge for wrapped bars, and you will save on paying us to wrap them. Over 1/2 our orders are for wrappers only, so don't worry, it's easy to do! Looking for that classic Hershey®s Bars with silver ends, just select our Foil option with your wrapper only order and add foil sheets to your order. including complete instruction on getting that classic Hershey®s Bars look!

Wrap UP Banner

Display a WRAP UP banner  if you want to create more attention or publicity for your special event, make sure you choose an inexpensive but effective WRAP UP banner. Durable weather-resistant material, including grommets - perfect for indoor / outdoor display and have a special Event Keepsake!


Put the final WRAP UP on your Party, Celebration or Conventions, Trade Shows or Special Events, with a custom banner of YOUR wrapper art, available in three sizes, fully trimmed with grommet finish  heavy and rugged indoor & outdoor 13 oz banner fabric utilizing the newest banner print technology. If you are holding a significant event, such as a birthday party or a wedding, and you want to place a banner over the outside area announcing the event, you will want to choose a WRAP UP banner. People will take special note for YOUR significant event and you can keep the WRAP UP banner as a memento.

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