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Custom Candy Bar Wrappers

Custom Gallery

Got a special theme?

Need something custom designed?

No problem!

Look what we can do with your special requests! See examples of our Custom Candy Wrappers past work.

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Image of Custom Candy Bar Wrappers
Image of Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers

Custom Designs are our specialty!
Mark your occasion with custom candy bar wrappers. If you don't see what you are looking for in our design selection throughout our website, we can custom design one to suit your event, just like the examples on this page. (Additional design fee applies. This fee is usually in the $19.00 to $49.00 range) Be sure to allow extra time for custom work!

We've done hundreds of designs for specially themed events!

View our Corporate Page for more examples of our custom work.

Sorry, we cannot design with copyrighted images. (Example: Elmo, Carebears) However we CAN design a wrapper to COORDINATE with your copyrighted theme.

"We're having a Flamingo theme for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah, can we do a wrapper to coordinate!?"

This customer asked us to create a custom candy wrappers with the look of a Wonka bar for their Junior Prom 'Night of Pure Imagination' Theme.
A veterinarian has a daughter who is a big animal lover, and asked us to create a special wrapper for her bat mitzvah.
"We're visiting relatives in Italy and want to take along our American Hershey bars wrapped with a custom designed wrapper with an Italy theme and a thank you on the back."
"Can you design a wrapper with a Magic theme?"
Ask about adapting one of our existing designs to suit your event! Here, we adapted our New Year City Skyline design from our holidays category into a design for a NYCity themed Sweet 16 party.

I need a Birthday Wrapper with a picture "Can you design a wrapper with a iphone theme?"
"I need a sweet16 1980 style Skate Party Theme can you design one with my daughters picture?"
"We are trying to do a "Golden Ticket" concept as a way of crowd management for an event we do every year at Bemidji State University where students are able to Build-a-Bear in time for Valentine's Day. The idea that we were hoping could become a reality is to have some sort of "Golden Ticket" printed on the inside of the label that goes around the chocolate bar. And it would need to be unable to be replicated (so no one would cheat) - so a metallic ink would work the best. Gold would be perfect. What we are thinking to have printed is something like this: Congratulations! This is your GOLDEN TICKET to the 3rd annual Build-a-Bear sponsored by CAB (SAFAC funded)! When: Tuesday, Feb 8th Time: 12pm-2pm Where: Crying Wolf Room REMEMBER! You need this ticket to be able to attend! NO TICKET, NO BUILD-A-BEAR!"
My good friend, Gail, has referred me to you. I do an order every year for our teen theater ministry when we do our annual play/performance as a "thank you" to all adults & teens involved. Please let me know if you are able to handle an order of (150) bars. I have logos, etc. and would request to see a "proof" of the layout prior to finalizing the order
"Can you add braces to the pumpkin on your design, spooky pumpkin?"
"My daughter, Lauren needs a sweet 16 design with her photo and a theme arround the play "Wicket"?"
I need a "Thank You" wrapper on a custom money bill for my staff of 200 to show my appreciation.
"I was wondering if you had any designs for a West Virginia theme (location of family reunion Aug 13...ideas: black bears, blue and gold, mountains, scenic state parks?"
I am going to jail for MDA and hoping to raise money with donations. "Can you design a wrapper with a MDA donation theme?"
What can we design for YOU!

Pick a design to modify Or Email Us your ideas.


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