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Wrapper Ideas

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Corporate Events

Sample Special Events Candy Bar Wrapper Designs

A sweet way to increase brand recognition!
A new baseball team is coming to town, and they handed out hundreds of Hershey's® Miniatures wrapped with their new logo at their Fanfest to make a long lasting impression.

Incorporate photos, logos etc. to showcase your special event.
This business school chose to feature the honorees for their induction ceremony. The back features contact information and highlights accomplishments.

Give exposure to a worthy cause.
The back features a short and "sweet", but important message.


"You can bank on me telling everyone about you! I think that your business adds a personal touch to things, a great way to make our faculty and staff feel special. I will be in touch again soon!"

Alicia Brossette
Research Administration
Southern Methodist University


Commemorate Important Milestones.
A great handout for reaching a goal. It's a small token with a larger impact that shows your support and appreciation.

“To many times, we only hear from customers with complaints, either about customer service or product and people don't always take the time to point out when someone goes the extra mile to meet a customers need.”

On short notice, we were asked to put together a 25th Service Anniversary for our boss. Guest list would include VIP from our corporate office as well as our clients. We pretty much had everything covered except some type of party favor.

When we came up with the idea of chocolates, I had called one company that I had found on line and was told in the first 10 minutes, NO; it would take 3-5 days to design it.  There was no offer of even trying to see if they could design it or offer to meet my business needs. I then called Sweet Wrappings and was only told "YES"
.  Kathy called me back within the hour, she had a proof ready for me the next morning to view. I want you to understand, I spoke with Kathy for the first time on Thursday, July 7th after 3 PM and by Friday morning before 9, and I had a proof to view.  
“Your staff went as far as to entertain our thoughts of re-arranging the picture and sent us another proof to view. Your staff was given very short notice and yet they made it happen for us. Our clients, Corporate staff and especially our boss were so impressed with the candy bars.  The idea came up to use the candy bars at other corporate events at our home office and your information was given for future business.”

“I Thank you, Kathy and staff for the wonderful customer service, the speed in which you made this happen for us and because of you and your staff, you made our office look good in front of our corporate management. We appreciate the all that you did for us and Thank you for your excellent customer service.”

Rose Sermonco
Customer Service Rep.
Richmond Branch Office
Minnesota Life Insurance:

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