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Including Your PHOTOS:


Add Your Photo

Providing us with your photo(s)

Snail Mailing photos: We can accept photos ANY size up to 8 X 10 (All photos are returned with your order in their original condition.) Be sure to protect your photo with cardboard or a photo mailer. Mail to address on Contact page. You may also drop off your photo if you are local.

Emailing Photos or Uploading Photos: Email your photo(s) to OR it's easiest to simply upload them from the Photo Upload Step while ordering with the online Order Form.

E-mailing photos

Please make sure that your photo is scanned at 300 dpi. Leave it in it's original size rather than enlarging it. Usually sending it to us as a JPEG works best. If you are unsure about this it is best to just snail mail it to us.

We can crop photos and size your photo down, but we do not want to size up and reduce quality. Yes, we can do some minor touch up work if necessary.

NOTE: The better quality photo you provide, the better it will turn out on your wrappers.


Professional photos with a copyright on the back of their photo do require permission from the photography studio to reproduce. This is usually a very simple process of calling the photographer and asking them to type or hand write a note stating that they give permission to you to request a one time reproduction of their photo onto your candy bar wrapper party favors. We are also happy to give their studio credit on the bottom back of the wrapper. You may then fax it to us or send it with your order. In all of our years in business, no photographer has ever said no, but it is a law and a professional courtesy that we must abide by. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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